I am Divlo

Developer Full Stack Junior • Passionate about High-Tech

I am self-taught in Computer Science by following online trainings and I am also a student at the university following the French training "BUT Informatique" (first year).

I put into practice everything I learn and make many projects.


Developer Full Stack Junior :
Computer programming is my main hobby, I love it!
Mostly web development for the moment but I'm programming some Python and others programming language too.

Passionate about High-Tech :
I always wondered how the future would be. Every day I want to wake up and think that the future will be great and better than the past. Technologies improve gradually over time, which is very useful in many areas.

Open-Source enthusiast :
For me, everyone should work, solve problems, build things and think together. Long live open source, whenever you can share your work, do it!
The website is open-source on github.